Vituperate by Engr_Mazuru


_Hahaha! I also had to look at the word twice so go ahead and look._


Ene, José, Ola and Kene had a side project handed to them by their supervisor.


It was 4p.m when I heard a knock on my door. I opened it and Ene walked in crying while José just had a straight face.


“Ene babe what’s wrong?” I asked as I held her hands while she was sitting on my bed. She looked at me with her reddening eyes and asked if I thought she was useless too cause she was beginning to feel so.


“Ah ah! What kind of talk is that? You know you are definitely not useless so why would you say or even feel so?” I asked again, now looking at José cause Ene was focused on her tears to answer.


“Can you imagine this woman!” José started talking while pacing the room.


“First she gave us a project which we had little knowledge on, she gave us steps though on how we can go about it and asked us to give her results in a week time. Ene, Ola, Kene and I started research on the project, got the necessary equipment, methods and so on in place to get results as quickly as we could and when we got back to her with our findings, she scolded us that it was not correct and we should go back and do better with a new deadline!” José narrated.


“Babe we really tried, we even met senior colleagues, some lecturers and a few people in the field for assistance and guidance. Most of them applauded us for taking such heavy project but advised we do basics cause of our level unless we had people in the field with deep knowledge of the project.” Ene cut in, drying her tears which didn’t stop flowing though.


At this point, both of them stopped talking as I looked between them and asked what happened next.


“We paid some field guys who ran few tests and gave us readings to make some calculations with and we did. We got results and took it back to this woman. Guess what?” José had watery eyes at this point.


“She slammed the paper on the floor and told us we were useless cause she gave us a simple work and expected us to be done shortly or give her good results even after her first correction and we still brought rubbish for her.” Ene said as she cried harder.


I asked Ene if that was why she suddenly had the feeling cause of how the woman vituperated them and she nodded. José was still pacing and making some angry comments while Ene was still crying.


Have you heard or read Proverbs 15:1 that says “a soft answer turns away wrath but a harsh word stirs up anger.”


Yes we may get disappointed by people or get wrong results when we ask them to do something…does it mean we should make them feel stupid and useless with our harsh words when we point it out to them?


Choose your words before you say them and DO NOT VITUPERATE!





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