The Meet by KingDeemma


The Meet.

He stared at her while he took a sip of his drink.

He had never see such a beauty in his life. He thought ha has seen it all I his mum but this was his first time he had seen such a beauty.

‘Hi’ he said, she turned giving a smoky look.

She sure had a big eyes, pouted lips, pointed nose, the best he had seen so far, slim chin and a nice smile ‘hi’.

‘I’ve been watching you, you are so beautiful ma’

No, he didn’t just call her ma, did she look that old.

He wanted someone he could get the night over with and this beauty here was going to bed with him.

‘Ma?’ She questioned

‘I’m sorry, I didn’t get your name’

‘Lisa, my name is Lisa and you are’

‘Richard’ he said manly ‘Do you want to get away from these people and noise’ she looked like she wanted to then said ‘ yes, sure’ she had hit a big fish and from her first night she hoped she’ll pay her mum’s hospital bills. They got up and left the bar together. She wasn’t sure she’s was ready for what she wanted to do, she hadn’t done it before and medley her friend had only suggested and she thought yes, she could do it cos she’s up for it.

He took her to his hotel room, he wanted to carry her to his bed and spread her out and enjoy her as she should be enjoyed but he had to keep his cool. He kissed her with one hand on her breast, she had fallen deeply that she was drowning in the w we told of sensation she had always denied herself.

She wanted him as much as he wanted her, she lifted her hips in frustration, her clothes were already on the floor, she too wanted to see him naked,laid on the bed he meets her there ‘your shirt’ she said he giggled and took his shirt button by button, all she wanted to do was rip it off.

She stared at his narrow waist.

He laid on his side, kissing her and she replied every kiss with his fingers over her breast. He traced the edge of her pantie, teasing her, he touched her labia and she was wet.

He used his mouth on the tender place between her thighs, her fingers; she used to dig his hair. ‘I can’t wait to be inside of you’ he said.



King Deemma



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