No one Else but you by Frankincense


No one Else but you

As usual, you went for your morning jog, door unlocked. Who knew neighbourhoods like these existed in Nigeria? Abuja is a funny city.

Skimming through your home, it is obvious that you are a very meticulous and taciturn person. Definitely the kind of woman i must marry. If i can.

The inside of your room is really serene, outing wears and indoor wears neatly arranged in your wardrobe; and your panties, oh your panties smelt so heavenly as i held them over my face. I carefully put a purple one inside my pockets, it will be with me forever.

Then i see it, the man hole, half covered but still visible. I bruise myself as i struggle to climb into the hole, kicking over the side stool near your bed. I don’t mind the bruises as long as i can comfortably keep an eye on my angel.

Comfort is not a word i would use to describe this dark ceiling that i have found myself in. Its stuffy, dark and is giving me a sense of claustrophobia, i don’t mind anyways. All these for you.

Its 7.52am and i hear you walk elegantly into your room, those tights hugging your well crafted body. You notice the stool that i knocked out; how stupid of me. I heave a silent sigh of relief as you shrug your shoulders and re-arrange the stool. You proceed to remove your clothes and Oh! what a sight, you are even more beautiful in person than the pictures i took from afar. Climbing this stuffy ceiling wasn’t a bad idea after all.

Its been 2hours since you left the house for work, I’m bored without you. I should have followed you to work, working as a personal assistant to that dirty old man can be frustrating for you, i know. Maybe i will pay him a visit someday, Oh the things i would love to do to his jugular. Back to your homely house now, i am really famished Chioma, maybe i should get down for a bit and scan your kitchen for food.

Your kitchen is as sparkling as your body, lol, what a comparison. How do you have only fruits in your fridge? No solids? Anyways, i will eat what you are eating. Good to be healthy.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Chioma i have been 2days in your house and you haven’t noticed me up here. Maybe you have and you don’t mind. Anyways, I’m getting used to the stuffy ceiling, getting used to watching you smile whenever you text- who are you always texting anyways? I need to know.

You majestically walk into the bathroom to have your bath, this is my chance. I slowly open the man hole and quietly jump down out of it, i walk stealthily around the room and pick up your phone from where you kept it.

Who is Femi and why are you sending him pictures of your perfectly crafted breasts? Why are you letting this men manipulate your beautiful mind? That’s it, Femi needs to be weeded out. I hear the shower stop and i promptly go back to my space still thinking of the things i will do to Femi.

The day is Saturday and i am particularly happy in my cozy man hole owing to the knowledge that its your day off so we get to spend time together. How grandiose. You are about washing your clothes and i notice the worry on your face as you scatter your drawers. Is it the purple pant you are looking for? sorry Chioma, i had to take your favorite. Please stop worrying my angel. Now you begin to launder while dancing to Davido’s ‘Aye’ Beautiful song.

Its 4pm and i have watched you read a book, take a nap and do some kegels. Its really fulfilling being part of your everyday life. I can’t imagine going back to my former life, i know i am needed over there but I’d rather be with you.

Ding Dong!!! Who must that be at the door? Your friend Amina has gone to Canada to complete her Masters, you have no friends here. I peek from my man hole as you go to open the doors, i hear a deep voice followed by laughter. I begin to hear the sound of wet lips meeting each other, i hear soft moans, i hear friction, i hear louder moans, i hear screams. Screaming Femi?? What is going on here? Are you…Are you normal? I move to come out of this man hole and confront the devil that is Femi but i hear the sound of the room door open followed by you and this Femi. How did you get naked so fast?

I am sad and my pulse is raising as i had to endure 32minutes of sinful pleasure between you and this dead man walking. I watch as he kisses you on the lip and leaves your house. He does not even appreciate you, all he came for was this and now he has gone. Why are men so manipulative? I would never be this way with you Chioma.

You enter the bathroom for a quick shower, good idea, wash that bastard off from you. You put on a nice, long gown and a pink velvet scarf followed by your purse, then you walk out of your apartment.

I open my man hole and jump out of it. I need to be somewhere right now, people need me. I step out of your house and flag an okada man, i give him instructions as he takes me to my destination.

I arrive at St. Andrews Cathedral and walk inside hurriedly. I noticed the small congregation that have gathered. The choir, the ushers, the deacons, all having meetings for tomorrow’s service. I greet them all with a nod and was replied with multiple smiles and closed palms. I walk into an open office and i change into a long, white Satin robe, i put a red muffler over my neck and i pick up a bible. I step out of my office and shut my door behind me. There is a small cubicle beside the alter and i walk into it and sit down.

Just as soon as i sit, i peak through a transparent shawl and there you are, already seated. I clear my throat and brace myself as you say;

“Forgive me father for i have sinned”





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