Ruling this little colony with my twin has always been a dream for me. We created this paradise from the soil up, created the trees, the streams and every life force on this paradise. It didn’t really take long and when we were done, it was a beautiful sight.


My brother was gracefully tall and had a beard that looked like a lion’s mane. He was a dark skinned, 7 foot, well crafted man with an eyeball that looked like glitters. His dark skin shone when the morning sun appeared on the horizon. It was a marvelous sight and it was the highlight of my mornings many a time. When he spoke, it created a vibration that could be felt all over the body. He always wore a long white robe adorned with a copper belt that looked too big for his waist. He walked around with a staff i made when we were little, he said the object was a perfect fit to his elegance, whatever that means.

My brother has always been stern and uncompromising, he, more than anyone has always striven for perfection and this trait has always been endearing to me; but not to the citizens of the colony though. Even though, he was my twin, he was always looked at as a symbol of authority and fierce leadership in the colony, he commanded, ordered and instructed at his own convenience and every citizen obeyed, usually for fear of being cast out to the dark side as he fondly called it.

The dark side is a place of solitude and stillness and obviously very dark. A day in there can give your morbid thoughts and can bring out the worst in you. Against my better advice, my brother created that place and stubbornly explained to me that a colony like ours could breed corruption and defiance and the dark side was a permanent corrective measure.

Now, myself on the other hand was a slender but well shaped man. I had fluffy brown hairs that rested onto my beautiful golden skin. I always enjoyed wearing a scarlet robe with a black belt to fit. I had my way with words and that made me a people person. I never bothered for administration, authority or governance of the colony. I spent most of my days with the citizens, singing, tending to the flocks, picking fruits and cleaning the four streams that ran through the colony much to my brother’s disgust.

The colony was fortuitously divided into two classes; the boring ones as i like to call them were understudies of my brother and were always at his feet trying to learn his ways so they can be part of governance. The liberals were the more open minded ones and they lived life in the colony as it came; spontaneously.

Everything was good in the colony for eons and the division in the colony was never a problem until one fateful day.

My brother had left the colony for several days, something that had never happened before. When he came back, he called me into his light beaming chambers and told me things that shocked me to my bones. He explained that himself and some of the boring people went far across the dark side and built another colony, something called Eden. He said that he was going to make some citizens and put them in this Eden so they can worship him and sing his praises. I always knew my brother was egoistical but i didn’t know the extremity of it. I was pissed and demanded why he would have done something like that without consulting me, his twin. He laughed and said i was more concerned with trivial things and things of administration was not my thing. While this is true, i had noticed that my brother had assumed the role of lord and king of the colony and dumped me aside. He never sought my advice or input on major decisions, he would rather ask jesus, that boring fanatic of his whose only daily routine was to sit at his feet and unthinkingly nod his head while smiling annoyingly.

I was in a rage at how low my brother thought of me. I admired and respected him so much and it beats me as to why he doesn’t accord same to me.

Time passed and i soon got over the situation. One day, i decided to go visit this Eden to see what obvious beauty my brother had created. When i got to the entrance, the gates were locked and i had to break the chains for ingress. This Eden looked just like our colony, beautiful green grasses, tall trees and sparkling waterfalls. There were animals walking in pairs and flock. This was beautiful and i was really proud of the beauty my brother created. But where were the citizens he said he created, they were nowhere to be found. I called out and shouted but no one answered. I had walked a few meters into Eden when i saw a female figure seated by the stream. This female looked impoverished and very pale. I went in and took a closer look at her and i could see chain marks around her wrists, legs and neck. I was distraught as to why she was in this state. I scooped water from the stream and i wetted her parched lips. I took her to a tree shade and i sat beside her and began to enquire why she was in such a state.

She began to explain to me, she described to me someone whom she called god, who had a semblance to my brother. She said this god would come to Eden everyday and force she and her partner to sit at his feet and worship him, he would chain them up and beat them if they refused or hesitated. I further inquired about this partner and she explained that he was gathering dry woods so they can build a fire to keep warm at night because god destroyed the small shelter they built.

I was furious at my brother because he clearly had a problem, his ego has led him to think he was a god over everything including Eden. When we decided to build colonies and create living things, we agreed that we would treat them like we would treat ourselves and not display superiority upon them. I think because of the fact that i failed to spot this narcissistic behavior of his, he has plunged himself into a personality that i will never entertain.

I offered the female figure a fruit from the tree below which we sat because she looked ravenous. She shrieked and jumped up immediately, i could see panic and trepidation in her eyes. I tried to calm her and i asked why she was in that state, she explained that god warned them not to eat from that tree in particular, she said that god flogged them and chained them whenever they tried to eat from the tree of good and evil as they called it. She pointed to a forest of withered trees and advised me that those where the trees from which they were allowed to eat. All but this in particular.

This was the most ridiculous story i had heard and it was just so typical of my brother to create crazy fictions that will justify his narcissism.

The female figure was still terrified at the crazy thought of differentiating between good and evil if she ate the fruit. To calm her, i plucked a couple of fruits from the tree and put them in my mouth. The juices from the fruits were satisfying and they made a squishy sound that made the hungry female figure stare blankly at my graceful mastication. I obviously was not disturbed by what i ate which the female figure noticed. I offered her a fruit and she happily took a bite, several bites. Immediately, her eyes widened and i could notice blushes from her pale white face. I asked her what was wrong and she explained that she had never had anything as delicious as the fruit she just ate. Apart from that, she was fine. She ate a couple more and took some in her hands to give her partner.

We spoke and talked for a while before i left her and went back to my colony to be with my liberals. I avoided my brother through out the night because i was highly disgusted by what he had done. I planned to discuss with him tomorrow.


I woke up to the sound of roaring thunder and vibrations. It was like the mountains where collapsing and the ground was closing in on itself. Only one thing could cause such a commotion; My Brother’s anger.

i hurried out of bed and went out into the fields and i looked out. I could hear my brother’s voice roaring and cursing from Eden. I ran there with as much speed as i could muster, i wanted to protect those poor human figures from the wrath of my brother. Upon reaching there, i saw my brother whipping and kicking the human figures, scolding them for eating the “forbidden fruit”. I was angry at the sight of this and with a blow to the jaw, i sent my brother crashing on the ground. By then, a crowd of the boring ones and the liberals had gathered in the garden, the liberals behind me and the boring with my brother. I felt a surge of guilt flash through my mind because i had created a feud that had been a ticking time bomb for eons. I looked at the army of liberals behind me and they were ready for war, ready to die for me but this was not what i wanted. I wanted a big, happy colony.

I could sense the hate and disappointment in my brother’s soul as he sentenced the human people to the dark side. I couldn’t do anything to stop this. But, Maybe it was better we had our peaceful colony back without the distraction of these human figures, maybe they are better off in the dark side so i can have my loving brother to myself. It’s all i have ever wanted.

But as i looked at the pale human figures walk to the dark side, i knew that they were never going to survive alone by themselves there, i knew that without a protector, they will be alone and distraught. I looked back at my followers and they all smiled and nodded like they knew what we had to do. Living in the colony was not an option anymore, we had a chance to start over in a new place, a chance to leave the boring and dystopian state the colony had turned to.

So with a cry of freedom, we lifted our angelic bodies up into the air, spread our wings, and sang our way into the dark side because we knew that it was the beginning of something beautiful. With the human figures on our side, we had a real chance of creating a better world.

From afar, i looked at the bitter face of my brother as he locked the gates of Eden and made his way into the colony. I knew this was far from over, i knew he was going to hatch a plan with his boring minions. But i am prepared to prove myself.

This is my truth and the truth the world should learn.

Love and Light,




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