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*About us?*



“Write for me”, he says, ” make me your muse”

“Write about us, about the emotions I evoke in you, I want to see it spelt out on a piece of paper and read it like I feel it,

I want to see something so powerful reduced to swirls of ink on a plain sheet” he whispers cockily to me,

“Make love to me with your words in the way you know best, the way your pen glides through the paper, softly caressing, strangely arousing,

Like two lovers slowly learning to speak the language of each other’s bodies,

Letters and words swirling and entangling, the way our limbs entangle on the throes of passion,

Each sentence bringing us to the peak of pleasure”

“Write something, anything as long as its about me, about us” he says,

Then I write, with my whole heart I write,

Lying through my teeth that it is for him, that it’s about him,

Still I write, but there’s a face in my head, a name on my mind and it isn’t his.

That’s the thing with life though,

Perfect place, right time, right moment, wrong person…





  1. There is something amazing about your writing.
    And we are glad to have you with us…
    This particular one? Is amazing ?


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