WHY DO MEN CHEAT by A duet by OtipiThePoet and Sharon





Have been thinking,

Have been asking my self,

What can you do to a man,

To prevent him from following every skirt on the road,

What can you give a man to make him loyal and trustworthy?

Why do men even cheat?



No! No! Not all men do cheat,

So it isn’t a blanket characteristic to all men,

And if they do so,

May be there is a genuine reason behind it,

May be there is something bad with you ladies,



I agree,

Men you think can’t even dare cheat,

Are specialised in cheating,

He’s a pastor, a married concealer, a choir master in a certain church,

So you trust him,

But they cheat,

Why do men cheat?

I want to know.



Church has no magic powers,

And those that cheat remain to cheat even in it,

May be they find company in other women,

May be their wives are ignoring them,

May be their spouses don’t appreciate them,

May be their spouses disrespect them.



You’ll respect him,

You’ll love him than your self and he’ll still cheat,

You’ll stay with him,shout to the world how much you love him and he’ll still cheat,

You’ll cook for him baby him but he’ll still cheat,

Why do men cheat?

What do they really need?



May be their wives don’t appreciate their efforts,

May be their wives don’t listen to what they say,

And so they go out to find a submissive one,

May be their up bringing showed them that way,

May be it was one time temptation,

I don’t blame men,



I blame men,

Why not talk to their wives,

Tell them their problems and solve,

Why disgrace your wife by dating a girl aged as your last born,

Why disgrace your wife by dating a school girl,,

Why can’t men think why they married there wife’s,

If she is the problem,

Why cheat on her instead of divorcing her,

It means you still love her,

Then why cheat on her?



It pains me when you generalise all men as cheats,

Yet some of them are true to their only,

And to those that cheat I still question their wives,

Men are stressed in work and again at home!

Why do some women complain a lot,

Some men were heartbroken and so revenge it to their wives,

Don’t blame men, help them out!



When men cheat,

It’s for there good,

It’s because they are in search of peace,

No one will judge them,

But wait until a lady cheats,

Leave alone cheating,

Having a male bestie,

She’s a hoe to all,

She is a disgrace,

No one will listen to her,

My question is,

Why do men cheat?



May be men still follow the traditional African culture,

That gives them an “okay” to have many wives,

May be they don’t cheat but only find company who knows,

What I know is not all men cheat,

If he does maybe you ain’t the priority!



If am not the priority why should he not just divorce me,

Why go around with other women leaving me behind?,

I don’t have a problem with men having many wives,

But why hide such?

What’s the need of lying you are single to other women when you have a wife and kids?

Why do men cheat?



Some wives can’t allow their men to marry another,

Some children can’t allow their dads to bring in a stranger,

Men fear gossips so they better keep it a secret,

If he pays bills and gives you all,

Why blame him of having female friends?



If I don’t want him to bring another wife

It means am good enough,

It means I can pardon my self.

Why not talk about it,

Why do you men cheat?



My dear you may not understand,

It’s hard for me to explain why men cheat,

But again it’s not all men that cheat,

The few that cheat have their own reasons,

Don’t generalise all men as cheating gender!



It’s okay not all men who cheat,

But I wish I could find a way to end cheating in marriages,

I wish I could find a way to make everyone loyal,

I wish I could just know why people cheat.



You have a good wish at heart,

But again people marry for different reasons,

Some marry out of desperation,

Some marry out of body figures and skin colour,

And if such fades then love declines,

And cheating starts there.



May be men should be taught that marriage is a Godly institution,

May be couples should be taught the effects of cheating,

May be cheating should be recognised as a crime in our stipulated laws,

May be couples should be open with each other,

And so cheating cases will drastically reduce,



You’ve nailed it on head,

Let’s be open to our spouses,

Let’s lead a holy life and avoid things that may tempt us,

Let’s respect our God initiated marriages,

Let’s be loyal, true and understanding.


A duet by OtipiThePoet and Sharon da sweet gal


  1. Thank you very much Sophy, Alfred Mwongera, Arthur-Danuel and Pam.
    Let’s try our best. Thank you again for positive responses. They keep me writing and reading more and more.


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