What’s Sweet in Love by Sharon and OtipiThePoet





They say love is the sweetest thing?

But why is it full of conditions?

The spouses have turned traitors and pretenders,

Tell me what is really sweet in love.



My dear love is the sweetest thing,

If you fall in it when ready,

Sweeter I tell you when you fall by mind not heart,

Sweetest I tell you if you fall for the one that loves



How will I know if am ready?

Is there a specific time and moment to love?

How do you even know the one to love?

How do you know they love you genuinely?

I don’t find any sweetness in love,



Don’t rush in loving, a feeling will come by itself,

Follow your heart but consult your brains,

If he approaches you be friends first,

If they rush things, if they can’t respect you,

Then hold back they are not genuine.



Feelings have betrayed me,

I think I felt love and full affection,

Then I turn out to be broken and lonely,

Friends have betrayed me,

Have lost many good friends in the name of love,

People know how to pretend,

When you think it’s genuine you find it’s fake,

I don’t feel sweetness in love.



Love is sweet at its right best time,

Friends that left you were not meant to stay,

True friends stay whether in rain or shine,

If they pretended and left you don’t cry,

Be glad they left early before making augmented damage,

I tell you love is sweet when you fall in love for the right time to the right person.



I have seen spouses cheating on each other,

I have seen men marrying many women,

I have seen people fighting in marriages,

I have seen people committing suicide!

And even killing each other!

Now tell me what’s sweet in love?



What if the one marrying many wives has agreed with his wife or wives?

My dear don’t fall in love out of desperation,

You’ll be downlooked and scolded,

As God to give you the best,

Then again not every marriage people fight,

Before marrying know your lover,

Marriage is not a wardrobe for the weak!



Now tell me what’s sweet in love,

I have been betrayed and broken,

I have been abuse and rejected,

I have been used, misused and disposed,

I see love as an institution from hell,

I have heard banal stories from those in love,

Indeed love life has nothing to smile about,

Or maybe I was born in the wrong generation!



Love is sweet at its best time,

Love is sweetest with the one who loves you,

The past is gone don’t hold much on it,

As God to give you the best,

Don’t compare your current with the past,

People differ and people are different,

Avoid these boys who take sex as all be and to be,

Get a man who is mature and is ready to settle,

If you have an issue communicate with your love,

Don’t take what belongs to the bedroom to sitting room,

Be respectful, caring and honest.



Finally tell me what to do to keep a man,

For I recall I did all but it didn’t pay,

I gave him him my body ad libitum,

I paid the bills and called him daily,

I shower him with gifts and supported him financially,

But still all was in vain.



If he’s yours he won’t demand,

As I said earlier don’t rush into falling in love,

Establish yourself well so that a man will fear losing you,

Don’t be too desperate for love you’ll be hurt,

Above all pray to God to guide you always,

For in Jeremiah 29 He knew our plans before we were born.



Thank you very much for such advices,

You’re a caring brother and am glad knowing you,

May God give you more years to live,

To guide and encourage others,

For may be without you I had given up in love.



Giving up is never an option,

Keep trying and trying no matter what,

Welcome and I wish you the best.



  • A duet by *Sharon da Sweet gal* and *OtipiThePoet (FlowingInk)*



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