We’re Tired by OtipiThePoet



As the world we perceived you as a naive youth,

And that made us not to realise the truth,

You came as a visitor but now you got your stay,

Businesses, schools, hotels are all in a sway,

Enough! Why can’t you go back?

Here you’ve made us a lot to lack,

You were well settled in China,

Then you decided to visit the world including the minor,

You’ve killed our doctors, teachers and technicians,

Mercilessly you have swept our engineers and politicians,

Goading thousands to become beggars,

And forcing some to earn by being cougars,

As tears role down my worrying face,

I know as a continent we ain’t in a better place,

We are just breathing with no peace,

As nothing now is at ease,

In this world of “yours” we try to exist,

But we fear your lethal blanket mist,

We are loosing people because of you,

Too tired that our existence we rue.


#A sad poet


*By OtipiThePoet*

*® FlowingInk*


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