Self by Mimi?



Selfcenteredness is now the cup of tea we drink every morning,

We never have to worry about others.

We only think about ourselves,

We feel it’s extravagant of us to think about others,

We forget the adage that saying we rise by lifting others.


Hatred is now as sweet as honey to us,

We forget to forgive.

We despise for no reason,

We dislike people so easily,

For very little reason.

It’s like we’ve been given a ticket to heaven, when we are not in good terms with one another.

My dad will always say, see everyone the way God sees them.

Love unconditionally even where they’re reasons to hate.


Now, Greed has become the cherry on our chocolate cake.

Anything our bodies desire, we’ll kill for,

No one wants to miss out.

Everyone wants to make it,

By hook or by crook.

Let’s be contented and see what is ours as sufficient.

Let’s walk on the path God has for us.


Pride is now the music we listen to,

No one believes in humility anymore,

We’ve become bigheaded.

We glorify ourselves because of what God has given to us or who we have become.

I guess we forgot that, all glory must be to the Lord.


Lust has become the coffee we take at night,

We can’t just do without.

It has become a must take to survive.

Let us give ourself to the spirit not of man but of God,

That way we’ll resist the flesh.

Let’s walk In integrity and in alignment with our maker.??‍♀️??‍♂️





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