REAL LIFE by Uchechi Maxwell





How do you describe pain when you don’t feel one?

Or how do you describe despair when you are surrounded by love?

Remember those syllables we learnt during kindergarten days and how swiftly we would say each word like the little tittle beings that we are?

Now, we recite them with each meaning at our face.

There is agony, uncertainty, distress but you just can’t explain how it feels.


How do you describe relief when you don’t feel one?

The type that makes nightmares of sadness goes away

You sleep like a baby and wake up to same pain.

Those pain that makes it so complicated

You feel relief but you are not comforted.

You feel joy but you are sad.

You feel comfort but your dreams still scares you and your sleep is your little tittle bed to cry in.


How do you describe safety when lyrics makes you scared?

There is the satisfaction, the warmth home feeling but it ain’t complete

It keeps ringing, all over and all over again.

But you enjoy it but it still hurts at same time.



Uchechi Maxwell



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