My heart pumps blood,

Whenever I see you,

I yearned to see you more,

My fault that I keep you waiting,

I’m not gonna keep you waiting any longer.


I can’t be in dark for so long,

Sounds like procrastination right?!

But that’s all thrash,

I need light,

For my world to shine.


I really want to embrace you,

I’m a novice in your world,

Teach me more,

For I yearn to be like you.


My other lover I love pretentiously,

Because he breaks my heart,

He endangers my life,

I’m tired of satisfying him,

He hurts me invisibly.


The dark knows,

The persons doesn’t,

Because I’m all alone,

The walls are cold,

Just as the owl,

Because they quiver,

When I scream out loud.


I’m tired of being a slave to him,

Moreover he is not my master!

Thought he was protecting me,

Thought he was releasing me,

From my challenges,

Didn’t know is the opposite.


Just can’t let him break me down to dust,

I need to get rid of all the scars,

He has inflicted on me,

Please don’t leave me,

Now that I need you.


Just allow me to feel your presence,

It will be a privilege to welcome you,

Back into my life,

Your presence only,

Sparkles amist my darkness.


You looked beyond me,

You didn’t mind my flaws,

You see the reason, I don’t want you to leave me,

Because you are the perfect lover for me!

You saw all my imperfections,

yet you waited for me,

Unlike my other lover,

You always call me special,

What manner of love is that!


My other lover sucks,

But yours is love,

I will forever value our relationship,

I will always love you perpetually,

Just like you loved and still love me marvelously!

My Lover!!!



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