My Pen by OtipiThePoet



My pen is my best friend,

Putting down all that is on trend,

As I wake up daily it’s by my side,

Expressing feelings what I hide,

Little by little I imagine of the world,

Vowels and consonants I form a word,

Slowly a stanza starts to form,

Word join word, a poem transform,

At times I to the people I feel shy,

What I do is to look at sky,

But with this pen I will express my feelings,

With this pen I will praise and rebuke my siblings,

To the sick words of encouragement will make them heal,

And to my love affairs by pen signature I will seal,

By this pen for job opportunities I will request,

Through this I will earn to survive economical test,

By this pen more employers I will hire,

With again this pen those last I will fire,

This pen is able to write, draw and score,

Too creative, ready and more.


*#By OtipiThePoet*




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