KNOWING YOU by Ngozi Helen Kamsiyochukwu William



Knowing You was more than an expression,

More than a feeling,

It was a stir of your fire on my life,

KNOWING YOU made a complete difference,

KNOWING YOU was made divine,

I couldn’t even imagine where I would be

If I didn’t know you,

The expression of KNOWING YOU took a place where my faith was made stronger,

KNOWING YOU – Made me realize I am more of you than me, I was officially tried of myself,

KNOWING YOU is my heart worship cause the more I know you, the more I get to dive into deeper realms of you. Who won’t love a deeper relationship with their father?

KNOWING YOU is my wish everyday, Pick me up Lord as the living sacrifice

Cause this little lad is ready to burden herself for the peace of her nation,

Accept me Lord as your worship, Cause this lad ” Ngozi” is ready to break down negativity and make a change in this generation.

Hold me closer to you Lord,

Never let me go,

Cause I’m still KNOWING YOU.


I am YourPenship

Ngozi Helen Kamsiyochukwu Williams,

But You can call me Helen

And this is #DairyOfAChurchGirl.


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