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Do you know who Jezebel is?

Do you know anyone named Jezebel by mistake or by circumstances beyond control?

Like that crayfish you know or have you forgotten??

It was bent because of ‘condition’.

If you are a Nigerian or ‘African’ as the American would say,

You would know that Jezebel is a wicked woman.

Any wicked woman you see is Jezebel!


Jezebel Equitos Mommoh

Was Born in Nineteen-Oh oh!

She married King Ahab Mommoh.

This made her the Queen of Israel.

Yes! Slay Queen of Life.

They lived together as husband and wife.

And together, they ruled Israel.


Have you ever seen a Masquerade raid?

You should, if you have been to your village or you can ask your village maid.

You see, Jezebel was an art.

I heard a fat caveman painted her face.

You should have seen her wig or her painted face.

Not the regular sweet make-up our ladies do these days,

But something that wished to resemble gold.

Something you could call; “OJUJU CALABAR”.

Oh! Sorry! Not from Calabar, just any OJUJU.



“Baal Blaa Bow Sheep, have you any…?”

Wait a minute…No! It did not have any wool.

Not to talk of three bags full.

It was just the unfortunate god that Jezebel worshipped.

She brought several prophets of Baal into Israel.

Maybe they helped her wash her war ship.

You see, Jezebel killed several prophet of God.

Therefore she earned herself several earn-ney-miss.

…Like the ones that bind and cast her in churches today.

On Sundays every week;

“I bind and cast every Jezebel in my life…tataroboteh sherimah sandericho…”


How would my story ever be complete without mentioning Prophet Elijah?

The great Prophet of God.

You know what his name meant? – “The lord is my God”

He transferred the mantle to Elisha before he went up to Heaven.

You need more details? Come on read your bible now!

We best remember Elijah for his confrontation with the prophets of Baal.

When he told the spectators:

“Come front Nation! And see the mightiness of my God”.

If you all go to church, then you should know this song;

“The Lord that answereth by fire, he will be my God…”

I hope he is your God too.

I assume you should be dancing by now.

Even if you are only humming the song by now,

While you imagine yourself dancing in the church, maybe not now,

Again! That’s if you go to church at all.

Elijah killed those Baal prophets after they lost the contest with him.

Therefore, Jezebel had sworn to kill him.

He flew for his life.


A great number of you probably do not know about Naboth.

Naboth Sipriano Muikibi.

A certain land owner in Lekki

He lived close to King Ahab’s palace.

King Ahab demanded of his land and asked him to go to Mainland.

Hell no! He refused.

Would you?

Maybe you wouldn’t.

He was beaten blue, black and blue, that he would even forget his birth!

Jezebel condemned him and he was stoned to death.

Now back to Prophet Elijah.

He came back to face the King face to face.

He prophesied doom upon Jezebel and Ahab.

Ahab would be killed.

Jezebel would be eaten by dogs, but she would be killed too!


Ahab was later killed in war.

Jezebel lived on a little more.

Jezebel’s son was killed.

When Jehu was anointed to be king, he went o to kill Jezebel too.

You wouldn’t imagine this lady.

She adorned herself and had her make-up as usual.

Was she planning to seduce him?

Well her plans “Fail-D”

Like that “D” you are given if you fail Chemistry.

She became history.

She was killed.

REMEMBER what I told you? She was eaten by Dogs too!

So I shall ask again;

Do you know Jezebel?

Do you know who Jezebel was?

Do you know anyone named Jezebel by chance?



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