Immorality by Mimi🌸


What gain is immorality to the body?

it’s the sudden voidness,

That leaves the spirit far from the soul and the body.

It’s the killer of our little burning light.


What gain is immortality to the soul?

At every corner, in every space,we hear of it’s sweetness.

But still it taste so sour, it is acerbic and bitter,

It smells like soiled mensural clothes.


What gain is immorality to the mind?

It leaves it’s unremovable footprints on the way ,

Making men, at some point to follow the familiar footprint.

Unrealistic of that fact, They’ve slipped to the dark side, going on and on.


What gain is immorality to the spirit?

Rips off the righteousness of I AM,

And pleads that we wear a garment of guilt.

Causing us to fear, that We’ve lost hope on the eternal one.

Loosing ears to the voice of the spirit.


So truth be told, We’ve always known there’s no gain to immorality.

Yet, it’s urge is undeniably provoking,

It’s teases us to join the ungodly.

But, it can’t get a grip on us,

Because of the love of God and His thrilling Spirit.

Sin has lost it’s grip,

Therefore it is dead.






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