BACK AGAIN by Kachylil




Thought you are gone for good,

Had hope when you were gone,

My life has been so good after you left me,

I got to know the importance of me,

A while you left.


Why did you come back again,

In the midst of my happiness,

Why invade into thy peaceful mind,

Thought is all over,

Was it temporary,

Or permanent?!


Shit! I allowed it,

Why take a step back,

To my past,

Just a jiffy of it,

Has taken a lot from me!


A glimpse to it,

Locked me in,

Ow when will I be free finally?!!

Like dead to sin!


Now I’m back to my shell,

That looks like hell,

Breaking out permanently,

Is all I want,

For I’m trapped!


Can’t continue to wear shoe that tightens me,

I need to breakthrough totally,

My first and foremost wish,

Is to be like David!

Of course in the Bible.


So wherever you are coming from,

Better go back,

Because I don’t want you again,

I have broken up with you,

Just like a broken mirror.


Just because you had a way for a while,

Doesn’t mean is for a lifetime,

For I have been graced,

To get you out of my lane!


All this while of abundant Life,

You want to bring me down?!!!

Never possible,

For I serve a living and loving God!!

So better find your way out,

And never come back!!


© Kachylil ✍️

® Unleashing pen

#Blessed ink


Email address:onyekachililian6@gmail.comn

#Blessed ink





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