A Voice In The Jungle by Dike, ifeanyichukwu Godwin 


We don’t want to die but have nothing to live for. What is actually there to live for.

I want to know my people?

Is it the lack of employment? The insecurities in our backyards? The bad roads? Poor governance and poor justice system?.

We are hopeless because we choose to be and that’s why this leaders keep doing whatsoever they like.

We make them look like gods/demigods that’s why the feel they can cook up any story for us.

Independent platforms that is meant to speak out for us when we cry is being controlled by the same killers.

Once we try to unite and speak,within our brothers and sisters will still call us fools.

They are gradually silencing us not to speak again by using young minds.

It saddens me and provoke me when our mothers cry if we speak for the fear of the unknown forgetting that whatever we are facing now it as a result of their silence.

If our father had spoken during their time, we won’t be on the streets shouting for our rights.

Actually, there was a time when once you graduate with good grades automatic employment is given with a car and some cash.

There was a time when government schools were good with standards and only the best is selected not those with deep pockets.

There was a time when healthcare,socio-economic welfare were working before a particular generation of our father’s decided to back the truth and accept lies.

There was a time factories, industries were flowing,export was good and created employment.

Our fathers allowed some jokers within their age grade to lead this country to it’s present hostage when they know the truth. Now they want to pass it on to us like their is nothing we can’t do. This has to STOP!!!

Our Justice system is now blindfolded to the truth. Our reprenstatives are pyschopath leading the nation to its doom. Our pilots are gradually crashing this plane and having plans of parachuting themselves out.Public sector is gradually dying in the hands of the private sector which all Nigerians cannot easily afford because of poverty that rules majority of Nigerians.

Nigeria is the centerpiece of all other African countries,once’s there is change it spreads all over other African countries.

Sometimes I look at Africa and see greed. These old men wants to die in the corridors of power with dictatorship and tyranny as allies.

Now down to us as ordinary Nigerians, Nepotism rules in our lives,in offices selfish and envy heart is the other day to day life.

We should not allow this pleague contaminate our reasoning. We must not allow ourselves to be seduced with this drug of I don’t care. Let’s come together and kick out this bad system.

This war is not a one man’s war but a united one. As great musicial activist sang in their songs like Fela, Bob Marley, Lucky Dude and others with a central theme– STAND, FIGHT EMANCIPATE!!!. Let’s start facing the truth once more.

If we don’t come together now we will fade away like a forgotten skull standing on a pike of mental enslavement.

I dream for a better Nigeria someday.



Dike, ifeanyichukwu Godwin 



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