The thing about love by theLostWriter


Hate is not the opposite of love, hate is the absence of love Just like how people say black is not a colour but rather the absence of colour, but to some people, black is a colour, while to others, it is a shade while some others may tell you that black, like the dark is the absence of light/white… “There is a thin line between hate and love” but hate is hate and love is love. I think of love and I see rainbows and sunshine, I hear laughter and beautiful melodies, I feel passion and I come alive. The skies are clear, the birds chirp and everything is blissful but this is just sometimes, because in life nothing is 100% good, so love isn’t always good, it isn’t always peaceful or blissful. I believe love is seeing the flaws and staying strong, choosing your partner in good days or bad days, loving them even when you may hate them a little. Love is fiery, it is the fire that burns in your soul when you remember… It is the red hot blazing inferno of passion in your veins. Love is red, in the sense that it can be beautiful, passionate, dangerous and strangely satisfying. On the other hand, when I think about hate. All I see is darkness, a lonely void and cold unfeeling emotions, hate is like a poison to the soul, it corrupts and slowly kills from the inside out. Hate is obsessive; you breath and think it. When I think of hate. I think of no exact colour because colours are beautiful and nothing beautiful could ever be used to describe something so vile and ugly.

Therefore, hate is not the opposite of love, indifference is.

Hate is the absence of love…





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