The Girl In The Mirror by TheLostWriter


*The Girl In The Mirror*


There’s something about those eyes, those sad, soulless eyes with the unwavering gaze,

And those lips crooked as if she forgot to finish smiling or perhaps she’s forgotten how to,

The stoicism she wears so well,

There’s something familiar about that face,

The one with the dead gaze and tight lips,

The one that has a thousand secrets hidden beyond the depths of those eyes,

Eyes that stares unblinkingly back at me,

There’s something about the way she carefully examines the proportions of her body,

The texture and the uneven hue of her skin; beaten and bruised by the ordeals of life,

I know that face, I wear that face,

I am that girl and here I stand, staring into this mirror, maybe it will talk me out of this fog, maybe it will bring me back to life,

So I stand still, waiting patiently, staring soullessly,

A picture of overflowing emptiness…








  1. There’s something about the flow of words that made this writeup completely inevitable.. beautiful piece, really good work✊?


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