Contrast by Pam Rwang



Ice and Fire, Calm and Rogue, Peace and War.

Ice and fire, calm and rogue, peace and war.

Ice and, the circle continues in different forms, wearing different shapes and sizes of masks. Now Halloween seems scary, a thriller to my reality. Insecure about the people around me, looking peaceful but damage is all they know.

It’s hard growing up as a kid in a society of so much anxiety and tension. A society harmful to the ground which we walk on and now even the dead feel the pain of our ruthlessness when we trample upon them, cracking up their skulls, the very proof for their existence. It all seems calm, sweet and perfect for us all but, at the blink of an eye, it’s all a mirage everyone ducking in search for a place to lay low at sound of a bomb. Now Perter is dead, my good friend just opposite my house.

Terrorism becomes a religion they thought they could handle, it’s politicized off course, but it’s bigger than them now.

We preach peace and love, but really stop denying to yourselves what these greedy damaged bellies feed you with unconsciously.

You think you love, but what happens to your neighbor who has no food to eat.

You think minding your business brings you peace, but where is the peace when you ought to show love but full of hate.

Where is the love, when I needed a job from you but you rather throw me out the door cause of how you were wronged by my mum, clearly you haven’t healed. And that’s how the circle goes..

We preach love and peace, but where are the actions though? we wait for love and peace like they’re creatures on their way running towards us. Ignorance becomes an excuse for our follies now. Just be careful lest you hit a stone and lay dead, then what will be your purpose here on earth, what will I say concerning you at your funeral? But, above all where will be your soul? Live right and let your soul be at peace in eternity.


Pam Rwang…


  1. This is just the fact, we infact have to show the love we claim to feel, not just words always but putting the feelings into action.

  2. U have broken it down so well
    Every one seems to have forgotten what really matters and our hearts rot with greed.
    Even our ancestral culture have been ignored.
    Well written 💯💯


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