This question happens to be one of the frequently asked questions in the world today and diverse answers accrues to the question.


The question most times is asked out of curiosity and maybe for a need to set a schedule.


To some, tommorow is Friday.


To some, tomorrow is a Worship day.


To some also, tommorow is a wedding day.


To a few, tomorrow is their first day at work.


While to others, tomorrow is just another day of the week.


You can see that diverse people have their diverse perspectives about what tomorrow is all about.


You don’t need to blame anyone for not having your own point of view of what tomorrow is because tomorrow can mean a thousand things to a thousand persons.


Do you really know tomorrow ???






Sorochi is a young secondary girl who has so much passion for education and strives so hard to make sure she comes out with flying colours but then all her efforts were usually dead and not productive.


She would study very hard and even more and at the end, her result will not reflect the exact efforts she has put into work.


This unfortunate situation of Sorochi continued until she left Secondary school to the University.


At the University, things didn’t change as you were expecting or rather expected. It even got worst to the extent that Sorochi’s highest grade of result was a D.


She will always cry and cry and cry but then crying wouldn’t solve her problem and at the thought of that she will clean her tears and move on.


Her unfortunate situation made her coursemates look down on her as a dummy.


Most of them saw her as a never do well and a block head while others saw her as one who isn’t fit to study that course.


Despite the situation of things, Sorochi still kept grinding and striving harder. She learnt what she was being taught in class very well but her result showed otherwise.


She managed to scale through to her Final Year.


After her Final Year papers, she was lucky to be amongst those who graduated but with a Third Class Division.


This really gave her concerns but then she promised herself never to bother herself over such situation anymore.



Two years after Sorochi came out from school, she luckily got an employment with an Oil and Gas Company in Abuja after she did marvelously well in her interview.


After some years of working in the company, she was promoted to the position of the Managing Director.


One day, someone came to the company for an interview and coincidentally he was Sorochi’s coursemate back then in school. He was amongst those that laughed and mocked Sorochi and even called her a dummy back then in their University school days.


Immediately Ejiasa got to meet Sorochi, he bowed his head in shame. He didn’t know what to do again.


He was left with two option ; either to go or apologize to Sorochi in other to get the job.


Least I forget, Ejiasa was one of the highly intelligent persons back then in their school days which they usually refered to them as ‘acada’. He was a firebrand acada.


As he made to leave the office, Sorochi called him back and with smiles shining brightly on her face said “`’Nobody knows tomorrow’.“`




Yes ! Not even you nor your Father, Mother or Children knows what tomorrow brings nor what it is.


Tomorrow is a mystery that is pregnant with some uncertainties.


You only benefit from the pregnancy of tomorrow by setting your records right today.


Ejiasa mocked Sorochi because she was not excelling in her academics as should and he didn’t think of what tomorrow will be like.


You have been mocking that guy or girl because of her background.


You have been asking yourself if anything good can come out of that guy/lady.


You have been wondering if a Third Class Degree holder can ever secure a good employment.


Let me briefly ask you a question.


Do you know tomorrow?


Never underestimate anybody nor overlook anybody in life because tomorrow can be more favourable to him than you and you may need him then to help get yourself balanced.


The pregnancy of tomorrow is one which no Doctor can really ascertain the nature of what it is carrying.


Yes !, A doctor can ascertain the gender of a baby through the use of a scientific test or method.


A geographer can ascertain the nature of the weather through the use of his scientific method also.


A judge can ascertain the outcome of a case from it’s inception through his legal knowledge.


An engineer can ascertain the solutions to the problems of a machine before even looking at it properly through his special tools.


But can I tell you what, no scientific or natural method can ascertain what tomorrow will be like or will bring. No one can !.


In all you do in life today, please be mindful of your tomorrow.


In all you do today, prioritize the benefits to the loss you will gain from it tomorrow.


Aside God, nobody knows tomorrow or what it will bring.


Sorochi actually forgave Ejiasa and helped secure him an employment in the Company.


Tomorrow is a mystery that is yet to be unveiled. To be in it’s good books, be mindful of your actions today.






Selah ✍️




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