Opportunity they say only comes but once.


It goes to everyone at different times and seasons.


However, there are persons whom Opportunities doesn’t come to them at all except they build a platform to entertain such opportunity.


Sometime last year, a show was hosted which is a yearly reality show program tagged *”BBNAIJA”*


Actually, I am not a fan of this show but then something intrigued me to be a semi-fan for atleast the period the show lasted. 😁


You are wondering what intrigued me right ?


Be calming down biko. I will definitely tell you.


So, the show *”BBNAIJA* started with a group of twenty(20) individuals which includes a combination of guys and ladies. All these individuals were unique in their own way but Laycon, one of the housemates in the show got me to have more interest in the show.


Laycon was one of the housemates who was one of the smartest housemates if not the smartest in the show last year and he never failed to exhibit this anytime he was given a task.


From his knowledge of history, to football, to politics and to the general affairs was top notch.


Laycon actually got into the show for the purposes of the show and not really to win the grand prize money or even stay till the finals.


This was his own way of building a door for an opportunity of bringing his music to the world to arise from.


Because of the interesting nature of Laycon, his fans(both young and old) voted for him to stay till the finals and to win the grand prize.




Opportunity knocks most times and allows us to access the privilege of opening the door while most times, it is expected and expedient we build a door and watch Opportunities knock.


Laycon has been an artiste for sometime before entering the Big Brother Naija house but then the opportunity of having his music known to the world was not there.


Laycon never gave up on his dreams nor waited for Opportunity to knock on his door, rather he built a door for the Opportunity by buying BBNAIJA FORM and going for the show.


Need I say that it was a risk that he took but then the Opportunity he has always seeked came knocking when he built the door.


Opportunity must not always knock before you access it. Most times, you take the risk and build the door for Opportunity to knock and enter.


There are certain levels that are made manifest when you build a door for Opportunities to knock on and enter.


Opportunity is only but a visitor. It can decide to come or not but then you can command it to come by building a door.



When Opportunity doesn’t know, build a door !.








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