Real and True by Arthur-Daniel





Tell the truth keep it real….there’s no big deal. You’re my Gee, keep one hundred, we break bread together, so I got you like my brother.


Tell the truth it might hurt

Keep it real? Why not?.. But..

But But what?

Tell the truth, that’s our root, me plus you no lies, you know what that implies, I got your back even in the dark.

We will fight, God knows the future is bright. We’ll stay true, only we know what we go through, a lot of fake gees, with their fake smiles, and ladies with fake love.

They’re just there to get you and use you, they don’t really got you. Sometimes the person that cheers you the most probably despise you the most and sometimes the person who despise you the most probably despise you the most at least they keep it real.


Truth or dare nigga, I dare you to keep it real and true.


If We started from the bottom, I hope we’ll say now we’re here just like Drake, Gee we’re taking no break.

I’ll tell you to brush your hair when it’s rough.

I’ll give you medicine when you cough.

Tell you to change those clothes when they don’t fit, I hope you’ll do the same for me. It’s not easy, but nothing good comes easy, give you my loyalty, not treat you like royalty.

Celebrate you when you win, comfort you when you lose, tell you when you are getting loose.

We’ll go the miles, no slies


On days you don’t want to hang, I’ll go out with a bang.

Cause we kept it so real it was like shots fired.


We’ll keep it clean we don’t need lean to stay good. I might come off as rude, but you’ll know that other dude just got you fooled, he just wanted lean with fake smiles he wanted to make you think I was mean.

It’s all love from this side, real gees don’t pretend to love you No!, they love the real you, the fake you, and the other you, you hide inside.


We might go for days not talking, cause it feels like this shit ain’t working, just know that I got you and I love you, now I’m talking about the lady friends. That’s how Alice thought it was wonderland until I kept it real with her then she kept malice.

Ain’t nobody got time to beef a real Gee, I got you even when we fighting, we stay tight even when things aren’t right.


Tell the truth, some friendships are like a house of cards, they crumble when things gets hard.

I hate it when this friend goes behind his friend to talk about that friend with another friend and can’t say that shit to his friend face, say it to his face nigga, trust me it can’t be that bad,

I hope we always keep it real, we go way back to 08, remember that time we fought in front of the school gate. Just because you couldn’t handle the truth, I told you to brush your mouth better you could borrow my Colgate.

Remember how that one girl told us she took 5 bullets damn she must be a gun, wanted to use us to catch cruise but that was impossible, we were like doubting Tom. That time when we had that heated argument and the next minute I was joking with you, you asked questions how, we just kept it real and true no hard feelings still got you, that one time when you smashed my stuff on the floor I was so pissed, thinking of it now I should’ve punched you.


Tell the truth even when it hurts, some of you don’t have the guts, you’re to busy being fake just to get cake.


Tell the truth, keep it real, it’s no big deal, how’re you going to know it’s real if you can’t keep it real with your friends even when they don’t like how it feel, they’re your friends right? so be honest that relationship is not a contest.


Tell the truth, keep it real

Shout out to every real, genuine Friend out there, who has the best interest of their friends at heart God bless you .




  1. “We might go for days not talking, cause it feels like this shit ain’t working, just know that I got you and I love you,”

    I got you too🙌…
    No matter how annoying I get, I love you too

  2. Back in ‘08, I like that…
    Nice piece of work nicely put together, we hope to be true and better friends 👍🏾👍🏾


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