So,a man and his wife came to a Pharmacy.His wife was complaining that since last night her eyes had been turning her. The nurse in charge then recommended that she did some certain tests.


Her husband on the other hand came to check his blood pressure and blood sugar.

His wife said she wanted to check her blood pressure too and her husband was like…”What are you checking your blood pressure for?..what are you thinking about?.



I’m sure alot of us have this same mentality that it’s only someone that thinks too much that gets high blood pressure and that’s why I decided to make a post on this to create an awareness.





It’s not only anxiety that could lead to high blood pressure…there are many factors that could lead to high blood pressure…factors like;stress,smoking,lack of physical exercise, obesity,excessive salt and consumption alcohol and so many others.


Don’t think it’s only anxiety that could make your blood pressure spike.


Do you know that children can also have high blood pressure?.


Do you think it’s anxiety that causes theirs?…what would a little child be thinking asides playing and the name of the next cartoon he/she wants to watch ??.


High blood pressure in younger children is often related to other health conditions such as heart defects, kidney disease, genetic conditions or hormonal disorders.


Older children , especially those who are overweight are more likely to have primary hypertension.


You that’s always adding extra salt to you food after it’s been dished because your name is Saltina,well done oh…it’s not me you’re doing??


If you’re a pringles fan like me,please reduce your consumption of it,the amount of salt in pringles is second to none?


Uncle that’s always smoking and consuming bottles of alcohol,how do you want your beating???.


In Nigeria, we have this tendency not to take our health seriously until it has deteriorated to the point that’s almost beyond repair.


Don’t wait till you get a particular sickness before you start being cautious of your health.


Don’t wait till you slump on the way before you visit the hospital.


Try as much as possible to always check your blood pressure and blood sugar.


Remember,prevention is better than cure.



Ngozi Bridget


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