OPPORTUNITIES by Ngozi Bridget




There was a young boy named Nas.He comes from a village in Palestine.


His English teacher, who happened to be an Isreali American used to come to his village,his school in particular to teach as part of her volunteer work.




She noticed the boy had a bond with her son because they would always play games together after she was done teaching.


She picked interest in him and invited him over to spend one month holiday in America with her family.


He was really excited about that because that would be his first time of leaving his village to America.

He told his parents and fortunately they agreed.


All his travel expenses were covered by his English teacher.

He got to America and fell in love with the people.




His English teacher had a son who studied at Harvard University and one day she told Nas to go and visit her son in Harvard.


He was excited,but a bit scared because he thought Harvard was for only smart people.


When he got there and interacted with some of the students, he realized that the students in Harvard were just like every normal student.


When he got home ,he determined in his heart that he was going to do all it takes to go to Harvard.


He wasn’t really fluent in English so he went to the library to get books and Study materials on English. He also took online courses in English to improve his fluency.


After months of studying hard..he decided to apply for a scholarship in Harvard University. He wrote the exam and did very well and was granted a full time scholarship to study in Harvard University.


Today,he has graduated from Harvard University and has become a very successful video blogger who creates daily 1-minute inspirational videos on Facebook under his page, Nas Daily


His videos document is what he calls “real life,” and they resonate with millions of viewers around the world. He has over 6.3 million Facebook followers, and growing.




So we see that in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.


He didn’t allow not being fluent in English discourage him from going after that opportunity, rather he put in more effort to study more and become fluent.

His dreams finally became a reality.


When opportunity comes knocking at your door,would you open the door or would you shut it with your excuses and fears?



Ngozi Bridget.


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