Judas Is Carrot by ThisOracle


Where were you when I Betrayed my Master?

I bet you Dad had not even ‘eyed’ your Mum yet.

Yet you open your big mouth and gossip about me,

Yet you open your big mouth wide and accuse me,

You tell your younger siblings to call me Judas is Carrot,

While you laugh like a parrot.

The same you that is lazy to open the Bible.

I walk around Hell bearing ‘Betrayer’ as my title

Well, I hope the Devil doesn’t forget that Emeka on earth is cheating on his second girlfriend.

Nobody else bears Judas as a name,

Like everyone has forgotten I was not the only disciple that misbehaved.

Peter denied Jesus, three times! three times!

Thomas doubted Jesus, [like you do sometimes],

I gave Jesus a Kiss!

Yet you wonder why I killed myself…

Did you not hear?

Have you not bothered to ask your Preacher?

I had to fulfill the Scriptures!

If I didn’t Betray Jesus, who would??






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