Full Devotion by Arthur-Daniel


Full Devotion



Great men, heroes, men and women that influenced the world, that made the world laugh and cry and scream and shout. The truth is they never had it easy, it was hard because they were different, their way of life was not in line with others so they were laughed at, abused, even accused, put to the test to see if their lives so conceived and so dedicated can long endure, but they never stopped moving, never stopped pushing…when they will go on stages, into arenas,laboratories—- battlefields,courtrooms and operating rooms to dig deep and create something out of imagination, talent and hard work alike


with all the boo’s and hate they kept doing again and again hoping that just maybe, if they never stopped if they never gave up they could change the world.


And when they finally did , when they finally gave the last full measure of devotion, and the world changes it’s heart,turn from boo’s to cheers, from hate to love. Coming full circle with the tense endurance for a cause greater than themselves, a cause so nobly advanced.


These great men and women these heroes that fought so valiantly, they don’t wear capes nah…they live through their work—-their stories—-through every boo—-every tear—-every song—-in history—-through theatre—-through books they live forever.




  1. I will keep pushing and give my full devotion to the cause to which I was called. So help me God. Thank you for this message!!!!


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