Hey there


Hey there,

I know you’ll be surprised

To how I decided to write,

Not just to you,

but all three of you.

I write to ask for forgiveness ,

If I had you all, we would be agony.

Wouldn’t have been able to handle it?

Moreover, I didn’t want any of you to suffer.

I know I can’t be forgiven, but please do try to forgive me.

I have wanted to apologize

and get it off my chest,

Please do find a place in your sweet heart to forgive me.

How is it over there?

Wish I know where exactly.

I’m sure you are taking care if each other.

Words are failing me, forgive me and come back again

This time, when I’m ready.

                  Love, Mum❤️


  1. This is so beautiful🥺. I’m so proud of you for being so courageous. You are really a beautiful soul. I’m sure they understand and as you said, “will come back when you’re ready”. ❤️


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