Dear daddykingx


Dear daddykingx,


It’s been six years since your demise and trust me dad, it still hurts like a fresh wound. Loved ones didn’t expect your death but I did. I saw it in my dreams, I wrote about in my diary and I was afraid to inform anyone. I had to spend your last days with you, hurting and masking my emotions.I’m aware you noticed but you were too weak to communicate with me.


The woman you married is a strong willed lady, her Aura is special. The experiences we encountered shortly after your death left me in awe,how we scaled through that period without mum loosing her mind still baffles me till date.


Your ababe is in her finals!!

Bad news dad, I didn’t study our dream course, Law. I’m really sorry daddykingx.


Wisdom is through with secondary school since 2018.She’s currently working and she’s doing great. She has plans applying for college next year.


Kingsley has grown, dad. He’s the one that inherited your intellect. He’s so smart to a fault.He will be 11 years in few month’s time, great right? They grow up so fast.


Dad, the people you walked on hot coals for are presently shoving the coals down our throats. I used to be a strong believer that the dead fight battles of their loved ones but not anymore. Maybe, you’re the peaceful type of Angel.


We miss you appa, I miss you dearly.

Keep resting first love.


Yours Everly,




Your penship,



  1. Permission to call your daddy, daddykingx?
    I’m sure Daddykingx is super proud of you and your siblings. You most especially..
    I’m sure he is proud of your Mum tooπŸ™Œ…
    Keep staying strong not minding the coalπŸ™Œ

  2. Awwwn πŸ’“πŸ€­….
    Seriously I felt so emotional while reading this πŸ˜‘……..
    My mum once told me that”the world is against you,all you ought to do is to breakthrough it!!”…
    So dearest, breakthrough the walls of challenges etc.
    Boo πŸ’• wherever your Dad is,He is so proud of who you have become and what you have become!….
    God’s blessings and love will always be with you and your family!!

  3. Atutunwa, I’m certain that daddykingx is proud of his ababe. Yea, life has thrown many punches at you and you’ve only gotten stronger each time. Yea, everything isn’t going as planned or expected but believe and keep fighting.
    Atutunwa , I love you, Kingsley Jnr loves you, Momma loves you , Daddykingx sure loves you but God loves you most and will always be there for you😍😘

  4. He’s definitely reading this gorgeous piece, he has to. He definitely also is in peaceful setting while reading it, with smiles and all.

  5. Keep been strong for him ,mama and your siblings,you doing good and great girl and he is definitely proud of you Blommy

  6. It’s me JNR
    I want you to be rest assured that all is fine and God got you and the whole Fam ok.
    God knows the best…reading this I could also recount my loss, take heart cos God is in control πŸ’šπŸ©Έ

  7. Daddy Blossom!

    Your Goddaughter is now very stubborn, but she’s beautiful now.

    A’baby is now my elder sister, she didn’t tell you so I’m telling you now sir.

    I still miss seeing you and daddy johnny sitting opposite each other in Church. When I look there and see Daddyjohnny but I don’t see you, it stings but it’s all good.
    Maybe he misses the sitting position with you, maybe idk.

    Tell God it’s hard being human and almost frustrating being a girl.. tell Him I need Him.


  8. What a beautiful environment I found myself. My mind got a shift after digesting one of the writeup. One of this days, I may put up something. Godspeed #Devera


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