Heaven’s Gate by David Vera Sorochi

Open your eyes"he said using his fingers trying to tug my eyes open. "look up nah!!,he exclaimed with a hint of frustration in his tone. "If...

Real and True by Arthur-Daniel

REAL AND TRUE     Tell the truth keep it real....there’s no big deal. You’re my Gee, keep one hundred, we break bread together, so I got...

The burial by Blomx

I watch them drop my casket into the ground from a distance. A good number of people are in attendance for my burial. I glance...

Life by Pam Rwang

LIFE!!! Life, just a mirage. Like how do you go through the process of birth and life just to leave a body of corpse at the...

Judas Is Carrot by ThisOracle

Where were you when I Betrayed my Master? I bet you Dad had not even 'eyed' your Mum yet. Yet you open your big mouth and...

Machismo by KingDeemma

He pulled her close to himself and all they did was stare into each other’s eyes. “Are you ready for this" he asked She nodded,...

The GOAT by ThisOracle

The GOAT   I know that you deceive me, when you tell me, that my name means 'Greatest of all Time' that being a Goat is not a...

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Her guise by J. O. Y

  Have you ever seen the depths of her despair? Did you ever see her resist? Was there any trace of sadness?   Hidden and locked out Those emotions were...

WHY DO MEN CHEAT by A duet by OtipiThePoet and Sharon

WHY DO MEN EVER CHEAT?   (Sharon) Have been thinking, Have been asking my self, What can you do to a man, To prevent him from following every skirt on...

#IgboAmaka by Lextreme_writes

#IgboAmaka   There's something called this "igbotic tongue".   To some people it means the person (who bears the tongue) is not educated enough (to avoid the term...