LE(FT)AVING by Ujunnaandherquill

YourPenship Ujunnaandherquill

Contrast by Pam Rwang

Contrast Ice and Fire, Calm and Rogue, Peace and War. Ice and fire, calm and rogue, peace and war. Ice and, the circle continues in different forms,...

A note of a 19_year old by Uchechi Maxwell

A note of a 19_year old🌼🌼   Have you ever thought of the twenties? Have you ever pictured life? Thinking about how life switches up ...the responsibility on...

ALL WE HAD AND NOW by Uchechi Maxwell

ALL WE HAD AND NOW___🦋   The click click of every single memory Do they still get to you? The Icy showers with the lullaby Do you still think...

The thing about love by theLostWriter

Hate is not the opposite of love, hate is the absence of love Just like how people say black is not a colour but...

Message to my Seven by Pam Rwang

Message to my Seven She’s magic. My heart beats soliloquies of her beauty, she makes my mind crave for her presence. Intrigued by her virtue and the peace...

Sunsets by theLostWriter

"Sunsets and a heavy heart, So many feelings but little desire to feel, Too much alcohol but little courage. Dare I follow the sun? Do I dare to...

Life’s worth by Arthur-Daniel

YourPenship Arthur-Daniel

Breaking Loose by  Pam Rwang

Breaking Loose My mind, a dark castle built on a foundation of pain and cruelty, walls thick as that of China guarding my heart preventing...

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CUPID by Ujunnaandherquill

YourPenship Ujunnaandherquill

Full Devotion by Arthur-Daniel

Full Devotion     Great men, heroes, men and women that influenced the world, that made the world laugh and cry and scream and shout. The truth...


Hey!!!     You're a chicken! A spineless coward! I despise you !! Why couldn't you fight a little more? You chose the easy way out     Thats not exactly what i want...