Final Goodbye

Dear Dad, I never got the chance to tell how much you meant to me, I know I never showed it by my actions. I...


Hey!!!     You're a chicken! A spineless coward! I despise you !! Why couldn't you fight a little more? You chose the easy way out     Thats not exactly what i want...

Dear daddykingx

Dear daddykingx,   It's been six years since your demise and trust me dad, it still hurts like a fresh wound. Loved ones didn't expect your...

Till we meet again. I love you

When I got the news my heart broke, I couldn’t stand on my two feet and I  just collapsed to the ground. Us talking is...

Goodbye, Keke

I wrote a tribute to you but it was not published. It took me a lot of strength to write it because I was...

Hey Daddy

Hey Daddy...   It's me, Chommy.   It's been so long, how are you doing.   I miss you so much. I still can't get over the shock. I have...

Hello Mama

Hello mama How is heaven, how is God Abeg help me ask am why Him no pick my calls I was praying, begging that He should let...

Dear Mom

Dear Mom I miss you. Still. In a different way each day, every year. I didn’t know there were so many ways to miss one...

Hey there

Hey there, I know you’ll be surprised To how I decided to write, Not just to you, but all three of you. I write to ask for forgiveness , If...

Hey Mum,

Hey mum, I miss you,I really do, especially lately. I know we didn’t talk much while you were alive and I didn’t tell you stuff, but...

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  Have you ever seen the depths of her despair? Did you ever see her resist? Was there any trace of sadness?   Hidden and locked out Those emotions were...

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#IgboAmaka by Lextreme_writes

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